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Broadband Services

Wholesale BroadBand Services by Clouditalia is a family of services for data transport aimed at Internet Service Providers, Carriers and Reseller. These services enable Provider to offer its Customers the access to the Internet and resources available through the network. Providers are also enabled to support their customers willing to implement, to the benefit of their customers, a VPN architecture, an intranet or extranet with a distributed architecture. Clouditalia provides with two different options to terminate data traffic: Basic e Full.

Fiber Ethernet
up to 100 Mb

Direct interconnection
to Clouditalia Network
Basic option is aimed at Service Providers and Carriers having their own infrastructure; option provides traffic collection from end users to the Provider's service centre, by direct connection to the Clouditalia data network. Provider takes care, according to access policies and sizing criteria, to provide its customers with an Internet connection.

Full option is aimed at Resellers and Virtual Internet Service Providers that, without any owned infrastructure, provide Internet access to their Customers by means of the Clouditalia network. ‘Full’ Services feature the implementation by Clouditalia of Internet access service, including bandwidth and IP addresses; Provider need only supply VAS to plain connectivity.

Internet access services available in the BroadBand offer are:

  • ADSL (Ethernet) (asymmetric xDSL connectivity from 7 to 20Mb/s)
  • VDSL (Ethernet) (asymmetric xDSL FTTCab connectivity from 30 to 50Mb/s)
  • VIRTUAL CHANNEL (xDSL symmetric connectivity from 2 to 10Mb/s) based on two different transport technologies:
    - ATM
  • FIBER ETHERNET (FTTH connectivity from 10 to 100 Mb/s)
Main Characteristics Full Basic
Modularity Single line Single line
Fullness and flexibility
  • 4 ADSL profiles
  • 4 VDSL profiles
  • 12 VC profiles
  • 5 F.Eth. profiles
  • 4 ADSL profiles
  • 4 VDSL profiles
  • 12 VC profiles
AAA and IP bandwidth No
Self Web Provisioning (ADSL/VDSL) (ADSL/VDSL)

Options Full Basic
CPE Optional Router/Modem Optional Router/Modem
IP static addresses (In charge of provider)