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Fax Virtuale

The service for both professionals and companies that allows you to receive faxes in your mailbox and send them via the Internet; no more paper or ink needed. With Virtual Fax, you can receive hundreds of faxes simultaneously on your personal number
  • Personal fax number with the code of your city
  • Possibility to retain your current fax number (Number Portability)
  • Free fax reception in your mailbox
  • You can send faxes up to 20 pages/month all over Italy through your email or the Web
  • International faxing at competitive rates
  • Fax receipt notification via email or SMS
  • Received faxes storage on Clouditalia network
  • Configuration of the graphic lay-out for Faxes reception (file type: jpg, pdf...)
  • Possibility to customise the notification of receipt (create your company Fax Server).

No hardware or dedicated
telephone lines

Digital documents


Fax Virtuale

SERVICE Activation Monthly fee Included Services
Fax Virtuale (Basic Service) € 10.0 € 2.0 Send 20 pages/month
(to national landline numbers) (1)

Optional Services

SERVICE One-time Contribution Monthly fee included Services
SMS notification € 0.078 - -
Fax storage - €0.416/Mb (2)
First 15 days of storage recording are free
(default configuration)

Invio Fax

FAX SENDING (3) Price per page Euro/minute
National landline network (up to the no. of pages/month included in the offer) Free Free
Nationals landline network (exceeding the no. of pages/month included in the offer) € 0.08 -
Mobile TIM / Vodafone / Wind H3G € 0.08 € 0.15
USA / UK / France / Germany / Spain / Canada .. € 0.08 € 0.02
Argentina / Australia / Austria / Japan / Romania / Switzerland ... € 0.08 € 0.03

(1) The pages sent to national numbers that exceed the monthly limit (20 pages per month) will be charged according to the price indicated in the "Fax Sending" section. The pages that have not been sent within the month cannot be added to the ones envisaged for the following one.
(2) The price shall apply to each Megabyte of space used, starting from the sixteenth day (a single page fax uses about 0.05 MB). Documents are stored for a maximum of six months.
(3) For mobile destinations in Italy or abroad, the total cost of fax sending is equal to the sum of the cost per page and the cost per minute.
* All the indicated prices are VAT excluded.


Fax Virtuale

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