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Call Center Virtuale

The service allows distributing the phone calls to remote telephone operators that can be reached via any landline or mobile number. Calls are distributed according to several factors that can be diversified according to the number used for reception. allows the distribution of the calls coming to one's contact numbers according to different factors that vary for each number used for reception:
  • sequential: phone calls are directed to the operators in rotation on the basis of the operator's competence: first to the most competent ones, then to the others.
  • If the competence level is the same, the call is directed to the operator who has been free the longest
  • free operator: operators who have been free the longest are called first
  • last operator the caller has talked to: the caller can be put through to the last operator they have talked to in the past xx seconds; possible line disconnection problems are solved by identifying the operator code
  • calls forwarding according to the caller's number: according to the caller's number or to a part of it (for example the code or all numbers starting with a specific sequence)
  • If nobody answers the call within xx seconds, it is possible to forward the call to an answering machine that will send the recorded message to an operator via email.

No hardware needed to
manage your phone calls

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Reception Service

Managing the Virtual Call Center is easy and consists of only a few steps:
  • Number activation: choice of the number on which the service will be activated.
  • Operators selection: selection of the Call Center operators to whom the calls will be directed; each operator will be given unique login and password.
  • Service description: short description of the service in relation to the operators assigned to the service itself.
  • Recording of service notification voice messages for the operator: possibility to use messages tailored to the caller as well as on-hold messages.
  • Logon/Logoff/Break: the operator can easily perform one of the three actions. Logon/logoff can be performed by telephone, calling the service number 055-5608300) or via SMS calling 3474505775 (the sender receives an SMS that confirms the operation).


Call Center Virtuale

Service rate: 25 euro/month for numbering

per minute charge
connection charge
Local Calls 0.05833 € 0.05833 € 0.01667 €
Mobile Calls 0.10 € 0.175 € 0.10833 €

The service has a monthly fee of 25 euros (managed number); the per-minute charge depends on the termination used to direct the calls to the operators.
VAT excluded.
Peak: from 08:00 am to 18:30 pm mon-sat.


Call Center Virtuale

All calls, including logon/logoff operations, are recorded and can be used to have some statistics and details of the phone calls as reported below:
  • Call Detail: it allows viewing a detailed list of the incoming calls.
  • Statistics of the Calls per Operator: statistics of the calls grouped per Operator.
  • Statistics of the Calls per Service: statistics of the calls grouped per Service.
  • Statistics of the Operator's Attendance: it allows viewing the statistics of the Operators' attendances.
  • Operator's Logon/Logoff Detail: it allows viewing the Logon/Logoff/break operations of a single Operator.
  • Operators' status: "real time" display of both the status and the incoming calls for every operator.

  • Further information about the service monitoring and management is available:
    • Operators' status: "real time" display of the operator's status and of their incoming calls.
    • Access Management: it allows the creation/modification of the access login/password for supervisor users involved in monitoring activities.
    • Black-List management: it allows the administrator to manage deactivated phone numbers that cannot call the service.
    • Speed Dial Management: it allows the creation of a list of short external numbers (besides the already existing one on operators) for call forwarding.
    • Operator's Screen: screen (to be used by the operator) with real time data on the incoming call, number phonebook
    • "Short Numbers" and "Speed Dial" phonebook, possibility to include the incoming number in the Black-List; possibility to perform an external program for incoming calls (it can be diversified according to the number).


Call Center Virtuale

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